Wednesday's Words of Real Estate Wisdom

Do I need an ILC or a survey when I buy a property?

The short answer is, yes! An ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) is not technically a survey but it is often requested by Title companies and or lenders to show if there are any encroachments of improvements that hang off of the property being purchased, or are hanging over from a neighbor onto the property.

An ILC should show if there is a problem and, an ILC is less expensive and time consuming than a survey. If there is any question or issue, you will need a complete survey since the ILC has a disclaimer that says "it is not a land survey plat or improvement survey plat, and that it is not to be relied upon for the establishment of fence, building or other future improvement lines."

We always advise that it is best to get a survey on any property, in or out of town, unless it is part of a multifamily complex with a communal plat. Over the years, and currently, there have been some interesting discoveries by doing ILC's and surveys. We have found barns that were accidently built on the neighbors property, right-a-way easements that encroach on the subject property, many fences that are not in the correct location and sometimes roofs that actually hang off the deeded property. Yes, it costs to have a survey or ILC, but it is best to know what you are buying ahead of time.

We are here to advise our clients through the entire purchase of a property, and our goal is that there are no surprises when they get to the closing table.