Real Estate is a lot like the weather

Real Estate is a lot like the weather, there are many historical facts and current calculations, but still no meteorologist  predicted the winter we just had!

The advice we would give right now, to be a successful Buyer or Seller in today's market, is to get a wise real estate Broker to assist you, and be patient!

Buyers need to make the right offer at the right time, because most Sellers are now negotiating.  This takes skill and timing, and professional advice is essential.

Sellers need to price right to get a workable offer, and need to be patient also, as properties are generally taking longer to sell...but they are selling!

For a no obligation consultation about today's real estate in Eagle County and Destin, Florida, call to set a meeting with one of our Team professionals.

It is always a good time to buy or sell... depending upon the price and terms!