Is The Brokerage With The Best Technology The Winner In Today's Real Estate Marketplace?

Is the Agent/Brokerage with the most technology tools the automatic winner in today's real estate marketplace?

The above statement has a lot of interesting facets.

1. First of all, technology tools are only as good as the user. Or in the case of a Team of agents working together, one or more excellent tech people will carry the group.

2. What technology tools are actually beneficial and what tools are simply "technology fluff"? Today's successful agent has many tools at their disposal that are absolutely necessary to discover all of the information needed about a property now, in the past and possibly future plans for the area. It is an ill equipped agent that cannot provide this information in most cases.

3. Now for the interesting facet of what constitutes a "winner" in today's market...and is that even important at all? If "winner" means the agent or Team who successfully helps each of their clients navigate through the maze of pricing, offers, counter offers, inspections, resolutions, survey's, title insurance and many other negotiated situations, then I think that is extremely important. If it simply means the agent/Team that makes the most money, it does not seem very important to the buying and selling public.

It is extremely valuable to have an agent/Team that can and will support your best interests. Team Black Bear is here to help.