How Important Is The Home Inspection When You're Buying?

"How important is an inspection when you are buying a home?

Some Buyers are waiving their right to an inspection when they are in a multiple offer situation on a newly listed home.

With a lot of past experience, as well as consultation with our attorney, we at Team Black Bear would always encourage the buyer to do an inspection, even if you waive the right to request any repairs or compensation for any issue that might be discovered.

By keeping the right to pay a professional inspector to examine the home under contract, you will know what possible additional expenses and repairs you may need to do, and if there is any major issue or expense, you still will have the right to terminate the contract.

Terminating the contract is much better than inheriting a major and/or expensive issue in your new home, and actually sometimes gives the seller incentive to negotiate, if they want to keep the contract moving forward.

The professionals at Team Black Bear are here to help buyers and sellers have a transparent, successful transaction where all parties are completely informed and treated fairly.

We look forward to assisting you with your next real estate transaction!"