How Important Is A Home Inspection In Today's Market?

As everyone knows, there has been a buyer frenzy on many new listings as they came on the market. When there is great interest and many possible buyers, some buyers have waived their right to do a home inspection on the property they are attempting to buy, in the hopes that the seller will look more favorably on their offer to purchase.

We do not recommend this to our clients. Neither does our company attorney. We believe it is always best to have the property you are buying be inspected by at least one professional (might need an additional specialist) if there is a possible specific issue.

We believe a closing with no surprises is the best kind of closing.

If it is a real bidding war, you could waive your objection date so that you agree not to ask for anything to be fixed. In this case, you would simply terminate if some major items turned up, or go ahead with the purchase with your eyes wide open as to what repairs will need to be done in the future.

The professionals at Team Black Bear are happy to help their clients navigate through the tricky water of home inspections and objections whether you are a buyer or seller. Please call for a consultation any time with any of our brokers at Team Black Bear.