How can you "eat your cake, and have it too?"

Those of us that live in the Eagle River Valley, Vail to Dotsero, have discovered this secret.  We spend our money on property here, but unlike investing in a mutual fund, we also get to enjoy every day of every  season.  Each season brings its own special ambiance that thrills and excites us with the beauty  and opportunities this community affords.  The validity of this "eat your cake and have it too" theory for real estate purchases in Eagle County, can be seen by the sustained values of properties here and the shortage of inventory...not many want to sell once they have found the joy of staying in the Valley.  For those that want to have a home, or getaway here, you will need a professional real estate agent to locate the perfect property in this Valley, because properties do not last long when they are priced at current market value.  Call the helpful professionals at Team Black Bear for the trusted assistance you will need and start enjoying everyday!