Conflicting Signals In The Housing Market? No Problem.

Conflicting economic/housing signals? No problem.

Have you ever heard the saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same?”  We believe there is a lot of truth to that statement, and we believe it can help every investor/Buyer to make the right decisions in today's seemingly volatile world.  

Yes, home inventory has been at an all time low, and now is coming back daily. Yes, price increases are not near what they have been, and there are actually dozens of reductions.  

So how do you make good decisions in an ever changing market? The same way you always have, you find the experts in real estate knowledge and mortgage knowledge in the area you have interest in.

Since every sale or purchase is different and every person's financial and personal situation is different, no one answer works for everyone.  That is why the professional Brokers at Team Black Bear take the time to hear what you want and need, and work to find the right product and timing that give you the best choices possible. We do not believe this can be done by a computer, it needs to have the one on one personal touch.