Speaking for Team Black Bear, with 9 Brokers, we can honestly say internet inquiries from Buyers and Sellers are a very small fraction of our delightfully successful business.  This has been true, year after year.  We are not saying that the internet and the real estate website including www.teamblackbear.com are not of huge importance to us daily.  We are simply saying the internet is not our main provider of new clients.

Our relationships in each of our own personal networks has always been the driving force of our business.  It is very simple.  People do business with other people they “know, like and trust.”  We know that sounds simplistic in today’s world, but it is the foundation of our business. 

It is truly a pleasure helping our friends, and friends of those friends, and referrals from Keller Williams Broker friends from all over the nation.  Our networks are continually growing, and we work diligently to meet the needs of all our clients and friends.


Therefore, we gain knowledge, understanding and trust from our sphere.  We honor that trust by providing superior service, immediate attention to under-standing our clients wants, needs and goals. 

We are frequently solicited to “buy” internet leads from web-based companies.  While the option to participate may seem advantageous, we feel a more personal touch works for our clients.


We believe when Team Black Bear represents you and your listing or purchase, it is an honor and indicates the trust you have in us   Please give any of us a call when you have real estate questions or needs.  We believe you will like our uncomplicated approach to doing business.