Dear Joan, ​with the vast array of technology available to everyone, ​why ​would​ I need a Realtor to help me when I am buying a property?  I think in today’s world I can pretty much do everything on line.  I can look up all the properties, look at ​all ​the pictures​, Google the location in the neighborhood ​
and then I can apply for a loan on my smart phone.  I am not ​personally ​against you as a “middle-man”, exacting a fee, but I am thinking that it might save me money to “not” use a Realtor because no one w​​ould be paying a commission​ and the property would sell for less​.  I ​realize that​ I am at a point ​in​ my life where I think I am smarter than most ​every​
one, so tell me where I am wrong…if​ in deed​ I am​.​

Dear Independent Buyer, yes you can accomplish the goal of buying a property without a Realtor.  Will it be the best home​ on the market, with the best terms and​ the best negotiated ​
price and will you actually end up with the best home ​for your needs​ and just what you wanted?  The odds are not with you on achieving those goals without​ professional​ representation.  First of all, the vast (90+%) majority of homes are listed with licensed Real Estate Brokers and you will need to go through a Realtor, your own or the listing Realtor, to be able to see any of those homes, even though you found them yourself on line.  All of those Sellers want to be represented by a professional and want to negotiate with another professional in order to get the best price and terms and the least​ legal​ liability​​.  You do not have all of the Realtors contracts, disclosures and forms rea​d​i​ly available to you  to protect you and the Seller in a high dollar, highly complicated transaction.  You can hire an attorney, at your expense, ​and ​if you actually engage a Realtor​ to represent you​, you will not pay one bit more for all of the professional advice and assistance then if you were attempting to do it on your own.  On any listed property, the commission for each side, the Realtor for the Seller and ​the​ Realtor​ for the Buyer​, are both paid out of the Seller’s proceeds at closing​, the majority of the time​.  A professional Realtor might save you many thousands of dollars during the offer and counter offer stage, as well as thousands of dollars navigating the pitfall of the home inspection.  This does not even count possibly facilitating a mortgage​ opportunity that might greatly lower your loan fees. ​If you chose to have an attorney review all of the documents, the price is usually much lower if everything has been prepared on Colorado approved forms by a licensed Realtor.  ​There just is no substitute for using a skilled ally when you are dealing with such large, important purchases. After being in this business for over 30 years, I never buy investment properties outside of Eagle County without going through a local realtor in the town and state where I am buying.  There is a lot to know and I prefer to learn it the easy, less expensive way.  I recommend you give this some serious thought and talk to a trusted Realtor you know or is recommended to you.  All the best.