Dear Joan, I have been looking at homes to purchase with a knowledgeable Realtor that I was comfortable with until he started making remarks about how he felt about national political issues.  He was just sort of joking, but it was plain to see what his bias was.  Since I feel strongly about my political beliefs, and they seem to be the opposite of his, I now feel like I would rather work with another R​ealtor.  I have tried to ignore this feeling, but it will not go away, and, if anything, my wife is even more upset.  We are not sure what we should do next.  We have made excuses not to look at more properties with him, ​but are anxious to find the right p​lace to purchase​.  Any suggestions on our next  move would be greatly appreciated

Dear Strong Political Believer, It is amazing how a few wrong words can be so divisive sometimes.  I think every company and every successful ​R​ealtor tries to guard against blundering ​in​to voicing religious​ and​ political opinions.  I believe keeping your opinions to yourself is simply being respectful to your clients.  I ​think you are not alone, in that there are​ a lot of people that would have a trouble working with someone that has completely opposite beliefs, unless that person has made it a point to avoid voicing their opinions, and it is never discussed , or even known​. ​  An additional possible pitfall​ some Realtor​​s
 forget about is social media.  M​any Realtor​s​ look up information about their clients to verify and understand who they are.  I am sure clients are looking up Realtors on social media sites too, so it is important ​Realtors​ avoid or remain neutral​,​ on hot (political, and religious) topics.  The past National Association of Realtors President, Ron Phipps says “There’s an expectation for you to be genuine and transparent as a real estate professional. But you want to make sure your genuineness is not provocative in a way that disrespects people.  Great reputations are bui​l​t one brick at a time, and buildings can come down with one bad move.  One comment can destroy your reputation.”  As far as what you do next, I think​​ you ​should ​have a frank conversation with your Realtor.  If you are not comfortable with that, you could talk to his managing Broker and hopefully you can get back to a comfortable place to go forward with your​ real estate​ search.  If you have signed and exclusive Buyer Agency agreement, and are unable to work it out, you will need to consult your attorney on the proper course of action.  Hope​fully​ you are able to find common ground​ and then find a wonderful property!  Thank you for sharing your experience​ as I think it ​
will help all of us be more cautious not to offend our clients in the future!  All the best.